We Can Help Your Community Apply For A Radio Station

Common Frequency assists nonprofit community groups building new radio stations. The work can be complex and highly technical.  Our mission is simple: we help you be the media.

Common Frequency submits radio station applications, FCC forms and engineering exhibits on a regular basis. Our collaborations over the years with many diverse groups have required engineering expertise and knowledge of FCC rules and processes. Being careful and strategic about your FCC filings is the first step to success for new licensees. We are here to help.

Like every nonprofit, our workload is extremely demanding and our budget allows for limited personnel.  So to provide your group the attention it needs, we have to ask for financial support. Our application support services have been made available to serve the public interest for more than five years and we will continue to support low-budget radio until the last LPFM gets on the air.

Support Scholarships: Thanks to the Media Democracy Fund, Common Frequency has a limited pool of funding available to subsidize assistance to a small number of LPFM broadcast applicants. A select few nonprofit groups may qualify for discounted or pro-bono services.

Please be aware we retain the right to decline working with any group. Professional broadcast engineers and attorneys are available for hire for this work. You should get started fundraising no matter what!

Common Frequency offers 4 tiers of LPFM service:

  1. Full Service
  2. Heavy Lifting
  3. Hand Holding
  4. Channel Search and Report

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Inquiries: lpfm@commonfrequency.org

We welcome questions or comments.


Ask for a contract and we can get you started now on your chosen level of service for any size donation.