FCC Changes Criteria for Translator Moves

New precedent for moving translators has been established in the case of W283AQ, a translator owned by The Cromwell Group, Inc of Illinois.  According to the rules for minor modification of FM translators, the newly proposed translator facility must have an overlapping service (60 dBu) contour with the currently-licensed facility.  With the granting of W283AQ, it appears as though the Commission will grant larger "leaps" given certain conditions.  Usually translator licensees wanting to move their translators longer distances must move their facilities piecemeal--in multiple steps--before arriving in its new location.  The Commission frowns upon this behavior, and has, in the recent past, intervened against such translator moves when one translator owner attempted to move translators from the Florida Keys to Miami in short steps.  The Commission believes this is now an "abuse of process".  Under new criteria, however, the Commission may grant waivers to move translators longer distances if the translator licensee has not abused the translator move rules in the past, the newly proposed facility is mutually exclusive to the current licensed facility (the current 40 dBu overlaps the proposed 60 dBu contour), and the proposed does not significantly diminish future LPFM availability.


See Letter from FCC to Cromwell Group